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What we do

We have built a bridge between the world of galleries and virtual reality. Infinity Gallery is a digital gallery space where artists have the possibility to co-create, by submitting their artwork for exhibitions. No matter where they are physically. Visit our gallery at Godsbanen, put on the VR glasses and experience artworks from all over the world. Or enjoy the art right at home, in your browser.

Concept art 1 - Infinite Concept art 1 - Infinite

Use case: Godsbanen

Peter is an American artist, creating digital art installations. But getting a foot in the door at traditional galleries and museums has proven hard. Moreover, it would be very complicated to deliver his art to a Danish audience.

Infinity Gallery opens new possibilities to him. Not only can he show his talent in a Danish gallery, but he can also deliver an opening speech at the exhibition through video conference and present the installations to the whole world through the Infinity Gallery platform.

Concept art 1 - Infinite

About us

Infinity Gallery is brought to you by Godsbanen, a centre for cultural production in Aarhus. With open workshops, studios, project rooms, theatre stages, auditoriums, dance halls and much more, Godsbanen provides every opportunity; whether you want to stage a week long theatre festival, practice your dance moves or perhaps host a meeting.